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Welcome to the DaTARIUS secure downloads area.

This part of the web site has been designed for our customers only.

What would you like to download?

Latest DaTARIUS software release & drivers

DaTAVIEW software version 1.13.05. (84Mb) !!! update environment to v1.10 !!!
DaTAVIEW user manual version 1.8 (5Mb)
DaTAVIEW Environment v1.11 (140 Mb)
arrow Setup Balance Analyzer Mk2 (40mb) download zip
CS-4/WIN V7.03s09: complete installation - call up and Setup will be started. (9Mb)
Release notes DaTARIUS software 7.03: read what's new! (400Kb)
ODBC drivers (7.4Mb)

Service & Troubleshooting help file

DVD Signal Guide version 1 06/2001 (2.1 Mb)
English version (6.2Mb)
German version (6.2Mb)

Technical documents

CD Analyzers: 4D_5b3 accuracy document (600Kb)
DVD Analyzers: Yazawa accuracy document (200Kb)
How to adjust the voltage of a PSU 11 (270Kb)
How to change the increment decoder on CD Analyzers (2Mb)
How to solve communication problem with Optical Analyzer (20Kb)
How to make download to an analyzer (100Kb)
How to exchange a drive (140Kb)
How to exchange a board (211Kb)


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