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Many types of effects and parameters that influence the playability of CDs cannot be measured with a regular CD laser and pick-up and, in order to optimize mastering, moulding and finishing, especially with short cycle replication conditions, these ‘missing’ parameters – optical and opto-mechanical parameters – need to be measured. DaTARIUS has provided a solution in the form of its Optical Analyzer, which measures birefringence, reflectivity, transparency, radial and tangential skew and diffraction efficiency, providing all the optical measurements for Red Book compliance and process control in just over one minute. . Results are displayed in a ‘surface’ presentation to make it easier to identify sources of problems, and the Analyzer connects via serial interface to any existing DaTARIUS Systems in combination with any of the other DaTARIUS Analyzers.

Analyzes CDs and CD-Rs
Birefringence measurement on transparent (raw) discs
Birefringence measurement on metallized (coated) discs
Tangential and radial skew (deflection)
Transparency, reflectivity and diffraction measurement
High density measurements
High precision laser optics
Temperature-controlled measurement chamber
Automated calibration

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Optical Analyzer

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