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Balance Analyzer Mk 2

In recent years, the speeds of consumer DVD and CD drives have increased dramatically, leading today to 16X for DVD and 56X for CD. Measuring the unbalance of discs has, therefore, become an important step in the optical media quality control process. A non-uniformity of the substrate, bonding agent or print label thickness will cause a disc to be unbalanced. These variations can, at high-speed, have disastrous effects on the disc performance and the drive lifetime.

The Balance Analyzer Mk 2 is an ultra-fast and precise measuring system essential for controlling the balance of optical discs. It reports, in a simple Pass/Fail manner, whether the discs will exhibit problems at higher speed. Measurement results are available in less than 10 seconds, providing a swift diagnostic of the disc manufacturing process and the ability to adjust settings as required, thus leading to improved yields.

Analyzes the balance of all optical media: BD, DVD and CD formats
Fast analysis (< 10 seconds)
High accuracy
Pass/Fail judgement showing unbalance direction
Industry specification compliant
Standalone unit
Compact unit insensitive to external vibrations
Easy operation as stand-alone or via PC

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Balance Analyzer Mk 2

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