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Mould Temperature Regulator

The mould temperature regulator (MF DisCo) from DaTARIUS, with its ability to reduce pressing costs by up to 25%, is rapidly becoming a standard feature of production lines within the world’s major replication facilities. This high-precision direct cooling system optimizes the replication of all optical media formats, including pre-recorded and recordable CDs and DVDS, smart cards, Blue-Ray, etc. One regulator can, typically, replace 2 standard cooling units equipped with moulding machines, and is compatible with all moulding machines on the market.


Optimizes quality and cycle time
Enlarged process window
Compatible with all optical media formats
Precise control over tangential & radial dishing
Improved start-up performance (quick start)
Low maintenance - no leak after prolonged shutdown
Low power consumption
Process optimization training available
Integrated in the moulding machine interface (EUROMAP)
Program memory for different media and stamper types





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