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SACD Analyzer Replica Stamper 1X

Today’s replicator needs to be able to deal with the quality, high-yield manufacture of various formats, and DaTARIUS offers systems for the in-depth checking of all current and planned optical disc formats. The DaTARIUS SACD Test Tandem was the first system available on the market that is capable of analyzing the SACD format. Currently, there are three types of SACD available: one with a single HD layer, a second type with two HD layers and a third disc called the Hybrid SACD. A hybrid SACD consists of two discs: a Red Book specified CD layer and an HD layer with DVD characteristics, both of which are 0.6 mm thick, and bonded together like DVDs. Analysing this format requires specialised equipment that can test both conventional CDs and DVD-like discs. The SACD Test Tandem consists of a SACD Analyzer Replica Stamper and a CD Analyzer Replica Stamper Master, and the hardware and software of the Analyzer can be modified to test SACD discs, half discs, and stampers.


Single solution for analyzing SACDs
Consists of: SACD Analyzer Replica Stamper & Modified CD Analyzer Replica Stamper Master
CD and high density (HD) stamper analysis
CD and HD half disc analysis (testing before bonding)
According to the Philips Scarlet and Red Book


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