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Measure - DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW

DVD-R/RW DVD+R/RW Analyzer 1X

Today’s replicators need not worry about which DVD recordable/rewritable format to invest in: DaTARIUS has a testing solution for all of them. The DVD±RW Analyzer 1X is the first and only DVD recordable/rewritable analyzer available on the market that supports all formats. The Analyzer is the first joint project between DaTARIUS Technologies GmbH and Sony Precision Technology Inc. Based on the Sony reference pickup and drive, it allows checking of blank and written DVD recordable and rewritable, at reference speed, according to the DVD measurement specifications. The Analyzer is compatible with all DaTARIUS DVD and CD analyzers and fits in any CS-4/WIN Main System. It is calibrated using a predefined sequence based on either DaTARIUS certified or Philips reference discs.

All formats DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD-RW / DVD+RW
Blank and recorded DVD media analysis
Based on Sony DVD drive
According to the DVD Forum and Philips Specification
Disc information
LPP monitoring for DVD-R/ –RW (optional)
Single licence software version of CS-4/WIN
Integration into existing CS4-System


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