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Copy Protection Handling

DaTARIUS Technologies GmbH was involved throughout the early stages of the development of the most popular Copy Protection technology, and was the first company in the world to offer test equipment that will test the quality of copy protected discs. A copy protection watermark that alters the physical structure of the disc may generate spurious anomalies when tested. It is essential therefore to differentiate between these spurious anomalies and actual production failures. Proper testing will detect failures in production so that corrective action may be taken in a timely manner, saving time and money by increasing yield. The DaTARIUS CS-4/WIN software version 6.05 and up automatically detects the presence of copy protection and then allows the testing of protected replicas/stampers/glass masters with just one additional mouse-click. Users can select to conceal or display the anomalies created by the copy protection.


Analyze Copy Protected CD replica, stamper and glass master
Supports the most popular ROM and audio protection schemes
Copy Protection presence check
Verifies the compliance to the copy protection format
Integrated in DaTARIUS CS-4/WIN software
Display or conceal the anomalies caused by the copy protection
Supported by all DaTARIUS CD Analyzers


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