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The Universal Stamper Checker is a response to demands from the optical media industry. There is a clear need for a system that can measure both stamper thickness and roughness. The DaTARIUS Universal Stamper Checker achieves this and is specifically designed to provide an easy to use device to check stamper quality. Stamper checking becomes a 'One Stop' procedure that ensures a very high level of quality control without operator influence.

Designed in co-operation between DaTARIUS and technotrans, the Universal Stamper Checker provides an innovative solution based on both the proven DaTARIUS measurement technology and the stamper production experience of technotrans. The Universal Stamper Checker is available in two versions consisting of; a Standalone system or as an add-on to any DaTARIUS DaTAVIEW based system to complement the full range of DaTARIUS Analyzers. Internal automatic calibration ensures that the Stamper Checker provides consistent results each time.


Universal Stamper Checker

Unique combination of both roughness and thickness checkers in one unit

Universal stamper checker for all optical disc stamper formats (including; all types CD, DVD,and BD)

First system to standardize the measurement of mechanical parameters of optical disc stampers

  • Stamper thickness and thickness variation
  • Surface roughness of rear side
  • Surface scan on both sides
  • Stamper deformation (radial and tangential)

User-friendly operator interface DaTAVIEW based software

Adaptors available for all stamper hole sizes

Internal automated calibration

Fast analysis (less than 5 minutes for complete surface analysis)

Surface and 3D visualization

Surface scan presentation




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