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The DaTAVIEW™ software which is installed as standard in the DaTABANK™ system is now available in combination with the proven Hardware TOWER Systems from DaTARIUS. This new platform is the perfect solution for the analysis of pre-recorded DVD Replicas, Stampers and Masters.

Users of the CS-4 platform have the option of upgrading their existing equipment smoothly and with full migration of configuration and archive files.

In keeping with the user-friendly DaTABANK™ philosophy, DaTAVIEW™ is the latest in software development, Windows™ based, and introduces a new result display concept. A macro design tool (TEST MACRO GENERATOR) enables users to compose a measurement strategy meeting their specific requirements.



Pre-recorded DVD Analysis with DaTAVIEW™

DaTAVIEW™ Windows-based user interface for analysis of pre-recorded DVDs

Available options:

  • DVD Analyzer R 1X
  • DVD Analyzer R 2X
  • DVD Analyzer RS 1X dual-adapter
  • DVD Analyzer RSM 1X
Based on: 1X & 2X Pulstec Reference Drives

Upgrade option from CS-4 system to CS-5

Innovative results display: Quality Web™

‘On-the-fly’ configuration of screens and print-outs

Configurable Data Export
LAN Interface

quality web


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