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Compensation Layer Application System for Stampers

HOW TO CoverTest 1, 2, 3 ...GO (exclusive video)

By using the CoverTest™ technology, all pre-recorded and recordable BD and DVD stampers can be tested immediately after the galvanic process with direct correlation to a finished media.

Mastering houses can ensure the quality of their stampers before supplying to their partners / customers – there is no longer a need to mould a disc to check (or re-check after extended use or storage) the quality of the stamper. As an added bonus, the CoverTest™ foil also acts as a protection against potential damage through handling and storage. CoverTest™ can be left on the stamper indefinitely and even removes contamination before use (removal of the foil actually cleans the stamper) maximizing yields on initial start-up.

Traditionally stampers have been tested in air. This does not match the final disc as the data layer (made by the stamper) on a disc is embedded in polycarbonate. This polycarbonate layer affects the way the laser reads the data and without this the results are very different to the disc especially for BD. CoverTest™ directly simulates the condition where the data layer is in glue covered by polycarbonate and thus allows precise and repeatable testing of stampers.


Test BD and DVD stampers with results
directly correlating to the finished disc
Correlation samples on BD-ROM
Proprietary foil system including hard coat
Easy application of the foil - also offers protection
when handling/storing stamper
HOW TO CoverTest 1, 2, 3 ...GO
Foil removal could not be easier - no residue and no cleaning needed



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