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With higher density discs and copy protection concerns, maintaining tight control of technical properties and content is vital at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the earliest stages of pre-master content verification through to the final disc manufacture. Measuring is performed using drives where the disc is played and the information is then extracted and processed ‘electrically’.

DaTARIUS has two approaches to measurement: analyzing conformity to the standard using drives that are to the industry specification; and evaluating characteristics on ‘consumer grade’ drives. The measurement systems can then also verify that the data itself complies to the original source and with the structure specified in the relevant standard.



DaTARIUS offers the following solutions:

Measure (both analyse and evaluate) the physical properties of pre-recorded and recordable (blank and written) optical media – including masters and stampers.
Verify the content on a master, stamper or replica, comparing it with the data source or other key stages of the manufacturing process.
Accommodate the widest range of copy protection algorithms and verify that these are correctly formatted


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