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Print Label Inspector

Quality control through every stage of the optical media replication process is essential and, in the optical disc world, appearance can be as important as performance. The Print Label Inspector from DaTARIUS is designed for monitoring the consistency of printed labels on optical discs to ensure that discs look the way they should. The Inspector controls the print quality of screen, offset and pad printing machines, with a high-performance 3-CCDs colour camera to detect colour tone changes, mis-registration between colours, missing ink and ink splashes in metallic areas. The system is based on the creation of a reference image which is generated from a set of sample images, verified by the machine operator as being of acceptable quality. Images from subsequent discs are compared to the stored reference image so printing problems can be identified and corrective action can be taken quickly, optimizing yields at the print process stage.

Inspect Stack
Compatible with screen, offset and pad printers
Compatible with any label design
Fast processing speed (standard: 140 discs per minute)
Patented feedback for digital print head
Compatible with fast machines
Integration with DaTARIUS Ident Code Inspector


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