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Inspect - Print Label - Ident Code

Ident Code – Print Label Inspector

Quality control through every stage of the optical media replication process is essential in order to avoid the troublesome issue of mixed product. The high-speed Ident Code Inspector from DaTARIUS uses three verification methods to protect against mixed product for all optical media, including DVD, and has now been combined with the DaTARIUS Label Print Inspector to operate on one CPU. The Ident Code /Print Inspector saves space and minimizes cost without sacrificing the performance capability of either system, and is capable of inspecting up to 120 discs per minute. It runs on Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system, allowing the system to be customized for the customer’s exact requirements with minimal effort. It is also designed for integration with automated handling equipment. Ident Code/Print is also available as a LCD flat panel tactile display.


Inspect Stack
Fast processing speed (standard: 120 discs per minute)
- Ident Code
- Barcode, alphanumeric characters, holographic codes, dual layer capability
Print Label
- Ensures 100% control of print quality
- Feedback for digital print head *
- Compatible with any label design
Compatible with screen, offset and pad print


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