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DaTARIUS™ iDS-iL inline:

Proving during the process of manufacturing!

Your customers expect high-quality when they buy your products - the DaTARIUS iDS makes it easy for you to guarantee playability for Optical Media.

The innovative device checks all kind of Optical Media fast and precisely. This means that manufacturers can react immediately on playability issues, reduce production of waste and therefore save costs.

The iDS-iL was developed in cooperation with SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES to be integrated in SINGULUS SKYLINE II, SPACELINE II and BLULINE.

Quick and easy installation into your existing SINGULUS SKYLINE II, SPACELINE II or BLULINE
Fully integrated hardware and software
User-friendly implementation and operation
Constant workflow and stress reduction due to automatic testing
Easy-to-handle quality assurance
Increased efficiency, less waste
CD up to 48x, DVD up to 16x, BD up to 8x

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