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DaTARIUS Press Room

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DaTARIUS - Latest News  
DaTARIUS iDS-iL - inline instantDetectionSystem Datarius_News_1_2011  
DaTARIUS iDS-10 - offline instantDetectionSystem Datarius_News_1_2011  
Dataplay change back to DaTARIUS Datarius_News_1_2011  
Datarius new address and phone numbers Datarius_News_1_2011  
Media-Tech Announcements (04/2009)    
DataPlay / DPHI Datarius gains official DVD Class-A Lab status (03/2009) DaTABANK  
DPHI Datarius Inc. announces software support of Fortium Technologies Ltd.’s Patronus DVD Anti-Ripping copy protection. (02/2009)  
DataPlay acquires DaTARIUS: the full story. Interview Bill Almon CEO DPHI Datarius (10/2008)  
DataPlay acquires DaTARIUS technology and resumes operations (08/2008)  
DaTARIUS business restructures (07/2008)  
Laser-Video Multimedia expands its Blu-ray capacity with DaTARIUS (04/2008) DaTABANK  
Singulus Mastering purchase DaTARIUS's DaTABANK for BD stamper and disc in-house Quality Control (02/2008) DaTABANK  
The first and only European HD DVD Class-A Verification LABORATORY opens
@ the DaTARIUS headquarters in Austria (11/2007)
HD and BD Signal Guide Version 1 released (11/2007)  

Keep in balance: Balance Analyzer Mk. 2 (10/2007)

European Blue Days and DVD Forum VPC Seminar in Austria followed by Asian Blue Days in GuangZhou and Beijing (10/2007) DaTABANK  
CoverTest™: Stamper testing for all optical media formats (10/2007) DaTABANK  
BestDisc: Asia-Pacific's first independent BD-ROM Manufacturer(10/2007) DaTABANK  
MediaMotion chooses DaTARIUS Inspection System (09/2007) DaTABANK  
DaTARIUS hosts the DVD Forum VPC Verification Seminar(14 Sept) in conjunction with DaTARIUS’s BLUE DAYS(12-13 Sept)   (08/2007)   register  
Laser-Video Multimedia opts for the ultimate DaTABANK:
BD, HD DVD and DVD Stamper and Disc Testing (05/2007)
Ident Code Inspection integration in Tapematic's 2PRINT (03/2007) DaTABANK  
 Media-Tech Long Beach: Preview (03/2007) DaTABANK  
Barcelona: Clash of the Giants (03/2007)  | blue workshop  
DaTABANK for HD VMD (02/2007) DaTABANK  
Calibration for HD DVD-ROM single and dual layer (02/2007) DaTABANK  
Barcelona Blues - High Definition Talks (02/2007) DaTABANK  
High-Def DaTABANK for Infodisc (02/2007) DaTABANK  
DaTABANK driveCubes expanded to StamperTesting (01/2007) DaTABANK  
DaTABANK reads BD-ROM MARK (12/2006)  
Industry experts join DaTARIUS to create new optical centre (12/2006) DaTABANK  
QOL France purchases HD DVD DaTABANK (11/2006)  
DaTARIUS opens office in China (11/2006)  
DaTARIUS sees early adopters at Long Beach (11/2006) DaTABANK  
DaTABANK for Major Russian Replicator "DVD Club" (11/2006) DaTABANK  
Shanghai Showdown (09/2006) DaTABANK  
DaTARIUS @ EMX and DVD Forum'S North American DVD Conference (08/2006) DaTABANK  
Philips uses DaTARIUS BD Stamper Analyzer (08/2006)  
Optimal chooses DaTABANK at Media-Tech Expo (07/2006) DaTABANK  
DaTARIUS drives testing into the 4th generation of optical storage - Holographic (07/2006) DaTABANK DaTABANK  
DaTARIUS multi-success at Media-Tech Frankfurt (06/2006) DaTABANK  
DaTARIUS strengthens focus on Japan (06/2006) DaTABANK  
DCA & DaTARIUS Partner for Automated Testing of DVD, HD DVD & BD with DiscTag Enabled Workflow Solutions (06/2006) DaTABANK  
DaTARIUS Blazing (05/2006)  
DaTARIUS Blue products @ Media-Tech Expo 2006 (05/2006)  
Optical Media Market in 2005 (04/2006)  
DaTARIUS expands Optimize (03/2006) DaTABANK  
DaTARIUS Blue Days in The US (03/2006)  
Getting up to speed with the BLUE DAYS @ DaTARIUS (03/2006)  
Success with Eastern European partners (02/2006)  
Updated DaTAVIEW from DaTARIUS (01/2006)  


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