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BD Power Cube & DVD Power Cube

These two newly designed cubes for integration in Datarius’ existing DaTABANK systems use sophisticated drive technology from the DPHI Datarius Inc.’s Research & Development organization in Longmont, Colorado, USA. The new Power Cube series is capable of testing any pre-recorded/recordable format, stamper or replica. For the current challenges facing the optical media industry, DPHI Datarius has created one solution that covers all formats. This huge economic advantage established by the DPHI Datarius drive technology creates the most cost-effective solution available today. The increased flexibility and improved stability provide the highest level of quality for test equipment devices.


“We are proud to demonstrate our new Power Cube technology as well as our new Tabletop Series of ECC Analyzers at the Media-Tech Expo 2009 in Frankfurt , Germany April 22-24, 2009. The introduction of these new products proves our commitment to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for the optical media industry,” states Bill Almon, Jr., President and CEO, DPHI Datarius, Inc. “We will continue developing industry leading solutions”.

“For many years, our goal has been to assist the industry with effective and economical solutions”, states Thomas Hackl, Managing Director, DataPlay GmbH Europe. “After a very challenging 2008, we have assembled an enthusiastic team committed to pioneering inventive solutions and providing responsive customer service to our loyal customers worldwide.”


Tabletop Series BD & DVD ECC Analyzers

  BD DL eccentricity

The Datarius Blu-ray & DVD ECC Analyzers offer fast and precise measurements, essential for the control of disc replication. Eccentricity (ECC) is the offset of the center hole from the center of the spiral track circle and is an essential parameter for optical media quality control. High ECC can cause tracking and playability issues for the end-user. The negative effects of eccentricity issues increase with the read-out speed. The most common sources for poor eccentricity are bad stamper punching, shrinkage during the cooling cycle of the discs, and incorrect bonding or embossing/2P settings. The Blu-ray & DVD ECC Analyzers provide instant feedback, allowing for process adjustments to be carried out in real-time. This process provides manufacturers the ability to improve yields and reduce scrap.


Second Hand Analyzers Available

  2nd hand

With the current market conditions in the optical media industry, Datarius has elected to provide fully refurbished and re-conditioned test equipment at a significant savings to the purchase of new equipment. Each certified Second Hand tester has been re-conditioned at a Datarius factory location by trained technicians using the latest firmware and software. After completing the rigorous final testing procedures, each certified Second Hand tester comes with a limited 6 month warranty. Please contact your Datarius representative for a quotation.


DataView Application Upgrade Available (version 2.0)

dataview BD 50
Datarius is in the final stages of releasing a new DataView version for existing customers. This new version will provide additional stability, enhanced functionality and performance. Your Datarius service representative will be contacting you shortly to explain the benefits and schedule an installation.

DPHI Datarius - DataPlay Repair Centers

Datarius offers full service repairs on all Pulstec and Sony based DVD drives at all its Repair Center in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Find out more about our price guarantee!

See you in Frankfurt booth FY 01


Please visit us near the entrance of the Media-Tech Expo 2009 at booth FY 01 to discuss these exciting new enhancements and all of your quality assurance needs.