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Guangzhou , China , November 2004: DaTARIUS Technologies, a world leading supplier of test equipment and process optimization solutions, has announced the launch of its innovative Universal Stamper Checker. The first public demonstration of the system took place during this China Replication Expo 2004.

This universal system, can check both the thickness and roughness of stampers - all in a single system. This new product was developed in close co-operation with technotrans AG, a leading developer of galvanic processes for the optical media industries.

“There has been a great deal of controversy lately over stamper thickness and how to measure it,” says Thomas Hackl CCO of DaTARIUS Group. “The Universal Stamper Checker was developed as a direct response to the demand from the industry for a test system that can not only check the quality of stampers, but is also easy to use.”

The Universal Stamper Checker is the industry's first system to standardize the measurement of stamper mechanical parameters. Testing can now be run as a simple single procedure that ensures full quality control independent of any operator influences.

This latest development, which complements the established range of DaTARIUS Stamper Analyzers, provides simple operation with swift results – less than two minutes for a complete analysis. The user-friendly operator interface is based around the DaTAVIEW™ software from DaTARIUS, with its unique Quality Web™ display system. Latest developments to enhance the user interface include a 3D visualization for Q1 2005.

The Universal Stamper Checker fits into any DaTARIUS Analyzer system (CS-5 upgrade required) and is available for all stamper formats. Measurements include stamper thickness, surface roughness, surface defects (top and bottom), stamper skew/flatness, and ECC indication (Good/Bad). The system also reads the barcode to allow simple identification of the stamper in the test report.  

“The importance of stamper quality is often overlooked,” says Stefan Knipper, Product Manager of technotrans, “yet it is a vital component in the manufacture of good quality discs. The ability to check stampers easily and accurately has become increasingly valuable with the advances in optical media, particularly the higher speed and higher density formats, such as 16X DVDR, DVD+R DL and looking forward to HD-DVD and BD. We are delighted to have been able to work with DaTARIUS on this project and feel this product will assist in establishing a far higher quality and consistency of stampers throughout the industry.”



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Universal Stamper Checker


Thomas Hackl, CCO, DaTARIUS Group with Stefan Knipper, Product Manager, technotrans , Peter Pohl, R&D Manager, DaTARIUS Group with the Universal Stamper Checker at the China Replication Expo 2004

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