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New DaTARIUS distributor in Thailand


The DaTARIUS Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Master Ease Limited as agent for DaTARIUS products throughout Thailand , Vietnam , Laos , Cambodia and Burma . All technical support, sales, and service will now be coordinated by Master Ease throughout the territory.

“The optical disc business in this area is growing with good opportunities for quality control and process optimization systems,” says Thomas Hackl , Chief Commercial Officer of DaTARIUS. We believe in growing our business with strong partnerships and Master Ease provides the best range of technical and industry experience to support us in this territory.

Joan Lu, Managing Director of the DaTARIUS Hong Kong office, adds: “Andras Nober, the Director of Master Ease, brings many years of experience in the field of mastering equipment services, and his staff understands the technology used throughout laser beam recording, vacuum deposition metallization, stamper electroforming and disc replication systems as well as both physical and content testing of various CD, DVD and recordable disc formats. The customers working with Master Ease will benefit from their experience, technical expertise, and prompt service.”

The appointment is effective immediately and, says Nober, “The technical staff and management team enthusiastically accept this appointment by DaTARIUS. Our goal is to give our customers a strategic advantage in the demanding optical disc market, and the newest quality control systems from DaTARIUS provide the opportunity for all Master Ease customers to truly compete. All DaTARIUS inspection, optimization and measurement products, including the latest recordable media testers, will be supplied and supported throughout the territory.”


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