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EMX: Exceeding Many Expectations


The EMX show in Hollywood , the only US industry show this year, proved to be unexpectedly successful for DaTARIUS, with great interest shown in the products that were exhibited, and many promising sales leads.

“As a combined event with the manufacturing industry and content owners, many expectations for the show were guarded,” says DaTARIUS CEO and Chairman James Steynor . “However, it did demonstrate the strength of bringing the content owners– who fund the industry to a large extent – along the show to stimulate what on its own might have been a disappointing turnout due to the timing, which was very close both to the holiday period and also the busy time for replicators.

“Overall, I think EMX was very successful, and exceeded all our expectations. We would like to congratulate CMP Information and IRMA for their support to our industry by organizing such a wide-reaching show, along with Media-Tech for the exhibition section and the technical seminars. We hope this will be the first of many such events.”

The products that DaTARIUS chose to exhibit reflected the particular demands of the US market - cost-effective solutions for media manufacturing. Among the highlighted products were the MF DisCo mould temperature regulator, and the flagship DaTABANK ™ , along with the DaTAVIEW ™ software upgrade, making its US debut. DaTAVIEW ™ software, installed as standard in the company's flagship DaTABANK system, is now also available as an upgrade (designated CS-5) for users of the well-established DaTARIUS series of DVD Analyzers. This spec-conform solution allows the testing of pre-recorded masters, stampers, and replicas at up to 4X using the DaTAVIEW interface. This highly user-friendly Windows-based software platform provides a wide range of features that include full networking, comprehensive database integration, and enhanced graphics encompassing the Quality Web™ display system, with its immediate and dynamic representation of signals.

Also of great interest to visitors were the new DaTABANK ™ features, including a W-LAN connection between a DaTABANK unit and a CS-5 system, which demonstrated the powerful feature of remote control and diagnostic assistance. This tool creates a new channel of communications, support and data exchange for small and large scale operations alike.

“The US DVD market is a maturing one,” says Andrew Dumbill , President of DaTARIUS Technologies Inc, “and manufacturers are looking at how best to reduce production and operating costs whilst maintaining, or improving, product quality. Our high-speed testing systems provide them with the best quality control value for their money, particularly w hen augmented with process control equipment like the MF DisCo, which can help improve their production rates and lower their costs. “The proof of all this was that our systems, particularly the CS-5 upgrade, were very well received and we were pleasantly surprised to have business arising from the show that approaches $1 million.”

Another highlight of the overall show was the presentation line-up, with a strong focus on future formats such as Blu-ray disc (BD) and HD-DVD.

“It was very good to experience such informational technical seminars, such as the talks on BD and HD-DVD,” says Bob Dobbin, DaTARIUS CTO. “We support both of these formats with our DaTAB ANK ™ architecture, and look forward to continuing to contribute to the industry in these new developments.”


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