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DaTARIUS at EMX: increasing productivity and reducing costs for the replicator!


DaTARIUS, a world-leading supplier of test equipment and process optimization solutions, will be supporting the EMX show in 2004 with a range of equipment, particularly systems aimed at helping DVD manufacturers to improve their processes while keeping costs low.

On display at the DaTARIUS booth will be the high-speed testing systems: the DVD Analyzer 4X, and the company's flagship DaTABANK ™ , along with the mould temperature optimizer, the MF DisCo.

“The US DVD market is a maturing one,” says Andrew Dumbill, President of DaTARIUS Technologies Inc, “and manufacturers are looking at how best to reduce production and operating costs whilst maintaining, or improving, product quality. Our high-speed testing systems provide them with the best quality control value for their money, particularly w hen augmented with process control equipment like the MF DisCo, which can help improve their production and lower their costs.”

Making its debut in the US will be the DaTAVIEW ™ software for DVD analysis. This software, installed as standard in the DaTABANK system, is now also available as an upgrade for users of the well-established DaTARIUS series of DVD Analyzers, including the DVD Analyzer 4X. The highly user-friendly DaTAVIEW™ Windows-based software platform provides a wide range of features that include full networking, comprehensive database integration, and enhanced graphics encompassing the Quality Web ™ display system , with its immediate and dynamic representation of signals.

This DaTAVIEW™ upgrade is a direct response to demand from a number of CS-4 users, who want the benefits of increased functionality provided by the DaTAVIEW™ software. The upgrade is not a replacement for the CS-4 WIN user interface, which will continue to be developed and supported by DaTARIUS.

Visit DaTARIUS on Booth 606/608 to see the product line-up, meet the senior management and discuss your quality control and process optimization requirements.


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