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DaTARIUS hosts the DVD Forum VPC Verification Seminar in conjunction with DaTARIUS’s BLUE DAYS


Blue Days Partners:




singulus mastering



14th September DVD Forum: info | registration

12-13th DaTARIUS Blue Days. info | registration

AGENDA (subject to change)

Blue Day 1 - 12 September

14:00 opening - challenges of BD AND HD compared to DVD-CD DaTARIUS
14:30 Blue market situation Understanding and Solutions
15:15 coffee break  
15:30 Basics of Blue formats: HD DVD  DaTARIUS
16:15 Basics of Blue formats: BD DaTARIUS
17:00 Q&A  
17:30 Closing  

Blue Day 2 - 13 September

09:00 Opening remarks DaTARIUS
09:15 Pre-mastering DCA
10:00 Mastering for BD and HD DVD Singulus Mastering
10:45 coffee break  
11:00 Stamper making for BD and HD DVD Technotrans
11:45 Stamper CoverTest DaTARIUS
12:15 Lunch  
13:00 BD Manufacturing Oerlikon + Singulus
13:45 BD Quality Control: signals DaTARIUS
15:15 coffee break  
15:30 HD DVD Manufacturing Oerlikon + Singulus
16:15 HD DVD Quality Control: signals DaTARIUS
17:30 Beyond blue laser formats DaTARIUS
18:00 Q&A
18:15 Closing remarks  

Blue Day 3 - 14 September : DVD FORUM's VPC Seminar

09:30 Demonstrations  
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Opening remarks DaTARIUS
13:05 Stamper Testing DaTARIUS
13:20 Introduction of Verification Policy Committee Activity Crest International
13:50 DVD Test Spec Overview Victor Company of Japan
14:10 HD DVD Test Spec Overview NEC 
14:30 Q&A  
14:40 Coffee break  
14:55 HD DVD-ROM drive disc verfification and content of test specification Toshiba
15:15 HD DVD-R drive disc verfification and content of test specification Sanyo 
15:35 HD DVD-RW drive disc verfification and content of test specification NEC
15:55 Q&A  
16:05 Coffee break  
16:20 HD DVD-video player / disc verification and contents of test specifications Toshiba 
16:50 HD DVD-VR Recorder Verification and contents of test specification Toshiba 
17:10 HD DVD and DVD format/logo licence DVD Format/Logo Lic. Corp.  
17:30 Q&A  
17:40 Closing remarks  Toshiba
17:45 End of VPC seminar  




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