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Media-Tech Long Beach  

Dear Industry Partner,

The DaTARIUS Group will be supporting the Media-Tech Expo, May 15-17 in Long Beach, CA, USA, with a strong presence in the quality control sector.

On the 2nd day of the show (Wednesday, May 16 at 11:15), we will hold a workshop where our experts will provide practical presentations as well as demonstrating challenges and solutions for quality control of high definition formats.

Media manufacturers who are upgrading their facilities ahead of demand for high definition media are still faced with the dilemma of a two-format marketplace. We will be showing our commitment to disc manufacturers with our Format Exchange Program on any DaTABANK™ HD DVD, BD or DVD system. This unique Exchange Program will be introduced at the DaTARIUS Booth 720 during the Media-Tech Expo.

In addition to our DaTABANK™ systems, fully equipped with driveCubes™ for BD, HD DVD and DVD, we will also be showing our stamper testing solutions. Here we have developed a proprietary processing technology CoverTest™ that applies a cover layer to a stamper, protecting and facilitating quality control of both pre-recorded and recordable stampers. This allows mastering facilities and manufacturers to optimize stamper quality before moulding.

We will also be releasing our HD DVD and BD Signal Guides to the US market. The CD, DVD and DVDR signal guides, launched in 2001, have served as invaluable reference publications throughout the optical media industry, and the HD and BD versions are eagerly awaited.

Long Beach will also see the US introduction of our second-generation Balance and Eccentricity Analyzer products. The Balance Analyzer Mk. 2 is a compact unit operated either as a standalone system or connected to a PC for full GUI, providing within seconds the standard unbalance factors and its direction. The Eccentricity Analyzer Mk. 2 also provides within seconds the value of the ECC for any disc format (CD, DVD, BD or HD DVD) at any production stage: stamper, blank substrate, sputtered substrate and finished discs including multi layer.

We will also be highlighting our MF DisCo mould temperature regulation system and our process engineers will be on hand to discuss the benefits of MF DisCo with a specific focus on HD DVD and BD.

The DaTARIUS team will also be displaying the new Print Inspection – digital version, upgraded to meet the demands of the new generation of high-speed machines, and now with a tighter process window option for HD DVD and BD discs.

We look forward to welcoming you on our booth. Please feel free to bring your media samples with you for a complimentary evaluation using the latest systems from DaTARIUS.



DaTABANK Stamper Testing for BD, HD DVD and DVD


DaTAVIEW screenshot: I8H in 3D-view


Balance Analyzer Mk. 2 user-inteface

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