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Missed some earlier news? Not to worry – all the DaTARIUS press releases are archived by date order. Click on the relevant year to find what you are looking for or simply browse the archive below.

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f Media-Tech Announcements (04/2009)  
f DataPlay / DPHI Datarius gains official DVD Class-A Lab status (03/2009)  
f DPHI Datarius Inc. announces software support of Fortium Technologies Ltd.’s Patronus DVD Anti-Ripping copy protection. (02/2009)  
f DataPlay acquires DaTARIUS: the full story. Interview Bill Almon CEO DPHI Datarius (10/2008)  
f DataPlay acquires DaTARIUS technology and resumes operations (08/2008)  
f DaTARIUS business restructures (07/2008)  
f Laser-Video Multimedia expands its Blu-ray capacity with DaTARIUS (04/2008)  
f Singulus Mastering purchase DaTARIUS's DaTABANK for BD stamper and disc in-house Quality Control (02/2008)  

f BD Signal Guide Version 1 released (11/2007)  
f CoverTest™: Stamper testing for all optical media formats (10/2007)  
f BestDisc: Asia-Pacific's first independent BD-ROM Manufacturer(10/2007)  
f MediaMotion chooses DaTARIUS Inspection System (09/2007))  
f Laser-Video Multimedia opts for the ultimate DaTABANK:
BD, HD DVD and DVD Stamper and Disc Testing(05/2007)
f Ident Code Inspection integration in Tapematic's 2PRINT (03/2007)  
f High-Def DaTABANK for Infodisc (02/2007)  
f QOL France purchases HD DVD DaTABANK (11/2006) h h
f DaTARIUS opens office in China (11/2006) hh h
f DaTARIUS sees early adopters at Long Beach (11/2006) h h DaTABANK
f DaTABANK for Major Russian Replicator "DVD Club" (11/2006) h hDaTABANK
f Shanghai Showdown (09/2006) h hDaTABANK
f DaTARIUS @ EMX and DVD Forum'S North American DVD Conference (08/2006) h hDaTABANK
f Philips uses DaTARIUS BD Stamper Analyzer (08/2006) h h
f Optimal chooses DaTABANK at Media-Tech Expo (07/2006) h hDaTABANK
f DaTARIUS drives testing into the 4th generation of optical storage - Holographic (07/2006) h hDaTABANK DaTABANK
f DaTARIUS multi-success at Media-Tech Frankfurt (06/2006) h hDaTABANK
f DaTARIUS strengthens focus on Japan (06/2006) h hDaTABANK
f DCA & DaTARIUS Partner for Automated Testing of DVD, HD DVD & BD with DiscTag Enabled Workflow Solutions (06/2006) h hDaTABANK
f DaTARIUS Blazing (05/2006) h h
f DaTARIUS Blue products @ Media-Tech Expo 2006 (05/2006) h h
f Optical Media Market in 2005 (04/2006) h h
f DaTARIUS expands Optimize (03/2006) h hDaTABANK
f DaTARIUS Blue Days in The US (03/2006) h h
f Getting up to speed with the BLUE DAYS @ DaTARIUS (03/2006) h h
f Success with Eastern European partners (02/2006) h h
f Updated DaTAVIEW from DaTARIUS (01/2006) hh h
f Reference website chooses DaTARIUS systems (12/2005) 1 1    1
f Bob Dobbin appointed president of DaTARIUS USA (12/2005) 11 1DaTABANK
f Future-proof drive technology from DaTARIUS leads the industry (11/2005) 1 1                Pulstec letter 1
f DaTAVIEW advanced user interface for Sonopress (10/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK
f DaTARIUS heads up ‘The G8 summit in Dubai’ (09/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK  DaTABANK  DaTABANK
f DaTARIUS impresses at Replication Expo (09/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK  DaTABANK  DaTABANK
f BD, DVD and optimize focus at Media-Tech Frankfurt (09/2005) 1  1
f Party time in Shanghai (09/2005)  
f DaTARIUS expands R&D (09/2005) 1  1
DaTARIUS presents awards to Hollywood's Best DVDs (08/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 
DaTARIUS: future ready design embraces new blue laser formats (08/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 

DaTARIUS USA expands into new offices (08/2005)

1  1 DaTABANK 
DaTARIUS and TOYO optimize moulding technology (07/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 
CMC choose DaTARIUS for process optimization (07/2005) 1  1
DaTARIUS launches BD and more at the Media-Tech Expo in Las Vegas  (05/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 
DVD Forum holds Verification Seminar at DaTARIUS headquarters (04/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK  DaTABANK
 Expo 2005 Las Vegas - celebrating the past and looking at the future (04/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 
James Steynor elected onto IRMA Board (04/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 
DVD Forum holds Verification Seminar at DaTARIUS headquarters (03/2005) 1 register here
DaTARIUS at Disctech 2005 booth 10 (03/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 
DaTARIUS appoints director of research (03/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK 
New CTO for DaTARIUS (03/2005) 11  1 DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01
Rousing Final to Dubai Seminar (01/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01
Tim Frost joins as Group Marketing Manager (01/2005) 1  1 DaTABANK
f Middle East success for DaTARIUS (12/2004) h  h DaTABANK 
f Replication Expo 2004 - Best Far East Show Ever (11/2004) h  h DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01 DaTAVIEW 01
f Industry first from DaTARIUS and technotrans: Universal Stamper Checker (11/2004) h  h DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01
f Replication Expo 2004 Day 1: DaTARIUS helping save money (11/2004) h  h DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01
f DaTARIUS bucks trend, says market outlook still promising (10/2004) h  h
f DaTARIUS at Replication Expo 2004 - improving recordable quality (09/2004) h  h DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01
f EMX:exceeding many expectations (09/2004) h  h h
f DaTARIUS at EMX: increasing productivity and reducing costs for the replicator! (08/2004) h  h h
f DaTARIUS expands global network (07/2004) h  h

New DaTARIUS distributor in Thailand (07/2004)

h  h
f Limited offer: FREE DVD±R/RW Signal Guide (07/2004)  
f New President for DaTARIUS Technologies Inc (07/2004) f  f f

First DaTABANK sale goes into Spain (06/2004)

f  f f
f Hackl voted onto MTA Board (06/2004) f  f f
f DaTARIUS establishes Technical Center in the Middle East (06/2004) f  f
f DaTARIUS sales at Expo 2004 (05/2004) f  f DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01  Media-Tech Expo 2004

DaTARIUS launches range of new quality products at Media-Tech Expo (05/2004)

f  f DaTABANK  DaTAVIEW 01  DaTAVIEW measuring DVD-R  DVD Analyzer Replica Stamper 1X dual adapter
f AAV Regency buys Australia 's first 4X Analyzer from DaTARIUS  (04/2004) f  f Conference India
f Success at Recording Media EXPO in New Dehli (03/2004) f  f Conference India
f Eccentricity Analyzer and Balance Analyzer: DaTARIUS expands its MEASURE product family (03/2004) f  f Ecc Analyzer Tech Seminar Europe
f DaTARIUS European Technology Seminar. A Review (02/2004) f  f Tech Seminar Europe
f DaTARIUS announces organizational change in Thailand (01/2004) f  f
f DaTABANK™ update featuring Long Pit detection (01/2004) f  f Long Pit Detection  Happy customer in Shanghai
f DaTARIUS appoints Allen Pabst as Optimization Product Manager for the Americas (01/2004) f  f Allen Pabst
f Relocation of DaTARIUS UK office (01/2004) f  f
DaTARIUS Technologies enjoys record Replication EXPO in Shanghai (12/2003)   Happy customer in Shanghai  Happy customer in Shanghai  DaTABANK in Shanghai  DaTARIUS in Shanghai
DaTARIUS and DCA announce automated testing solutions for replicators (12/2003)   DaTARIUS and DCA in Shanghai
White paper - measuring OMP glassmaster with very low or no push-pull signal (11/2003)  
DaTANEWS 3rd issue - the DaTARIUS newsletter (11/2003)  
Media-Tech Conference exceeded expectations (11/2003)   Happy customer @ Media-Tech Frankfurt DaTARIUS workshop @ Media-Tech Frankfurt
DaTARIUS appoints Dr. Wlodek Mischke as Business Development Manager (10/2003)     Dr. Wlodek Mischke
DaTARIUS appoints Mark Ridout as CFO (10/2003)  
DaTANEWS - the DaTARIUS newsletter (09/2003)  
Analyzing CD-R with DaTARIUS (08/2003)  
Analyzing DVD-R/+R/-RW/+RW with DaTARIUS (08/2003)  
Optical Media Technology Seminar at DaTARIUS Europe in September (08/2003)  
DaTANEWS - the DaTARIUS newsletter (09/2003)  
Analyzing CD-R with DaTARIUS (08/2003)  
Analyzing DVD-R/+R/-RW/+RW with DaTARIUS (08/2003)  
Optical Media Technology Seminar at DaTARIUS Europe in September (08/2003)  
Seminars web page
New East Coast sales manager and office(06/2003)  
Media-Tech Expo a success for DaTARIUS (05/2003)
Bob Dobbin: CTO for the DaTARIUS Group (10/2002)  
DaTARIUS appoints James Steynor as new CEO (09/2002)  
DaTARIUS continues its expansion and acquires CD Associates Assets (09/2002)  
DaTARIUS acquires Integral Vision's Optical Disc Inspection Product Lines (08/2002)  
Multi Format DisCo - Cooling System for optical media production (4/2002)  
Are you tired of collecting sprues? Here is the perfect long-term solution the MRS. (4/2002)  
As piracy has become a business and a hobby, Copy Protection has become a necessity in optical media manufacturing. How to test...(4/2002)  
DaTARIUS leads the fast lane.... Are you producing DVD-9s as fast as a DVD-5s, why not testing a DVD-9s as fast a DVD-5s? (11/2001)  
DaTARIUS Technology Seminar - the quality people communicate their knowledge (08/2001)  
The power of DisCo - a case study (07/2001)  
DaTARIUS able to test copy protected discs (07/2001)  
DaTARIUS team Asia Pacific moves to new office (05/2001)  
DaTARIUS offers high-level trainings in Optical Disc Training and Process Development Centre, Penang, Malaysia. (05/2001)  
DaTARIUS releases The DaTARIUS DVD Signal Guide (04/2001)  
DaTARIUS releases new calibration media for CD and DVD (02/2001)  
The facts about DisCo cooling units (02/2001)  
DaTARIUS releases test equipment OMP DVD Glass Master (02/2001)  
Producing - testing Super Audio CD (SACD) (02/2001)  
DaTARIUS Technologies GmbH releases powerful software upgrade - CS4/WIN 6.01 (02/2001)  
DaTARIUS releases new generation DVD Testers - series 5 (02/2001)  
DaTARIUS goes CD-R (10/2000)  
DaTARIUS opens second office in US (10/2000)  
PC Welt relies on DaTARIUS tools for testing (German only) (10/2000)  
DaTARIUS releases powerful calibration tool (10/2000)  
Cédric Collard joins technical marketing (09/2000)  
Test drive your future DaTARIUS Test Equipment (09/2000)  
DaTARIUS first to test Philips and Sony developed Super Audio CD (06/2000)  
The DaTARIUS DVD Stamper Analyser tests DVD replicas as well (05/2000)  
DaTARIUS moves to new premises in Reutte (03/2000)  
DaTARIUS distributes Quantized's CD-R tester called PRO CD-R (02/2000)  
The technology Product Group of kdg mediatech becomes DaTARIUS (01/2000)  
The technology Product Group of kdg mediatech will further develop IBOS know-how (01/2000)  
The technology Product Group of kdg mediatech distributes the DisCo cooling unit for injection moulding machines. (11/1999)  
DaTARIUS - The Quality People
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