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DaTARIUS™ iDS-10 - offline instantDetectionSystem

The device was designed to check optical media for their playability. DaTARIUS also aimed at producing an affordable product as an alternative to high-end reference systems to serve smaller businesses, too.version.

By checking the discs fast the system shows you exactly where the error is located. Find and watch the defective areas with the included playback function and the sector address viewerversion.

High-speed-testing helps to avoid manufacturing thousands of trash discs and allows producing high-quality products that satisfy customers.

Find out more in our official press release or our brochure for iDS-10-CD/DVD/BD in English / Deutsch.

More information on the iDS-10-CD/DVD: English / Deutsch


DaTARIUS™ iDS-iL - inline instantDetectionSystem

The inline-version of the iDS was developed in cooperation with SINGULUS Technologies AG / Germany and is a build-in version of it´s little brother, the iDS-10. The DaTARIUS iDS-iL is available either as a CD/DVD or a CD/DVD/BD version.

The device was designed to be integrated into SINGULUS Skyline II, Spaceline II or Bluline in order to test optical media during the process of manufacturing. Detecting playability issues faster saves producers a lot of money by avoiding the production of thousands of trash discs.

Find out more in our official press release or our brochure for CD/DVD or for CD/DVD/BD.



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