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DaTARIUS Quality

The DaTARIUS position in the optical media marketplace enables us to collect important information on the entire replication process, from mastering to packaging. We receive valuable direct input from major global replicators, which gives us a clear picture of manufacturing issues and challenges.

What are the real needs of a replication site? Which parameters are important? What do replicators expect from quality control and process optimization equipment? What are the latest market trends? With input on these concerns, along with our specialist knowledge, we are able to design our systems to fulfil the exact needs of replicators.

Over the years, existing customers have made suggestions, or have asked for specific features, and this has led to the DaTARIUS Knowledge DaTABASE. This pool of ideas has helped us to reach our high levels of quality. We listen to our customers, discuss technical issues with them, and offer a satisfying solution as soon as possible.

DaTARIUS systems are top-of-the-range and easy to use because of our system of constant improvements and fine-tuning.

One result of this interactive process is the DaTABANK.
If you offer tools to check quality, you have to be able to offer quality overall.

DaTARIUS - The Quality People
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