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DaTARIUS at Replication Expo 2004 – improving recordable quality

DaTARIUS, a world-leading supplier of test equipment and process optimization solutions, will be at the Replication Expo show in 2004 with their wide range of products, particularly analyzers focused on recordable (CD-R, DVD +/-R/RW/DL) and process optimization systems. Supporting this will be a team of DaTARIUS specialists to promote solutions aimed at recordable media manufacturers to help them keep up with the increasing challenges of higher write speeds and new formats such as dual layer DVD+R.

DaTARIUS will be demonstrating systems from each of its Measure, Inspect and Optimize product families. From Measure comes the flagship DaTABANK ™, which covers all DVD recordable formats, and will be shown both as a standalone configuration and as a DaTABANK™ with separate Station and Hub. The highly user-friendly DaTAVIEW™ Windows-based software platform provides a wide range of features that include full networking, comprehensive database integration, and enhanced graphics encompassing the Quality Web™ display system, with its immediate and dynamic representation of signals.

For Inspect, two new products make their international debut at the show. The new Multi-Format Stamper Checker, for all pre-recorded and recordable formats, measures a variety of values, including stamper thickness, roughness, and skew, as well as eccentricity of outer diameters. The New Ident Code and Print Label Inspect systems provide digital camera technology, more compact designs, and auto-adjust settings for ease of installation, use, and maintenance, while the same software platform that is used in the DaTABANK™ provides remote access control.

“The Asian market is strongly focused on recordable media,” says Joan Lu , General Manager of DaTARIUS Asia. “Manufacturers have a number of challenges, including the demand for higher writing speeds, which require increasingly thorough process optimization. In addition, they face continued price pressures that require them to further optimize production and maximize yields while maintaining and even improving quality.”

In keeping with the company's commitment to the recordable media industry, Dr Wlodek Mischke ,Business Development Manager for the DaTARIUS Group, will be leading a workshop entitled ‘High Speed Testing for Recordable Media', which will take place from 11:25am to 12:10pm on Sunday, 7 th November.

Visit DaTARIUS on Booth 188 to see the product line-up, meet the DaTARIUS team, and discuss your measuring and process optimization requirements.


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